Houdini Pyro Ground Smoke A01

been digging up and  re doing a lot of my old library assets in Houdini.  This was fun fun to do really dug into the  micro-solvers. I plan to sell this one. 720 frames 155gb vdbs.  The problem being where to host something that big with eCommerce.  here is is image of one of the  frames.




quixel megascans and zbrush

i grabbed a few scans over at  MegaScans and popped them into 3dsmax and rendered them out in Corona.  Did tweaking and additional  detailing in Zbrush and  scattering with Forest Pack Pro .  These assets are great  if you do any environment creation i think they are must have  you can block out  rough ideas in 3d so quickly.  I will see where this goes, i want to pop into Clarisse to and  try a few things in there.